TikTok’s latest trend has Gen Zers sharing their family’s ‘weirdest’ rules

Almost everyone has an example of some strange things their family did when they were growing up.

Thanks to TikTok, it’s now a trend to flaunt those strange rules and traditions. The “weird familyTikTok challenge, started by a user named Rachel Devin, has users sharing all kinds of strange childhood experiences.

“What’s the weirdest thing your family did until you grow up and realized … it was just y’all?” Devin asked TikTok users.

Case in point: This super viral video by a user named Sami. In a video that now has nearly 10 million views, the TikToker revealed that, as a kid, she was charged “taxes” on her allowance.


#stitch with @rachel.devin19 “Weird”, yet super smart thing my parents did. #tips #money #parenting #smart #fyp

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As Sami explains in her clip, she was charged a 25 percent “chore tax” on her allowance. She was allowed to keep 50 percent of the money, while the other 25 percent went to savings.

The “taxes” were collected from all of Sami’s siblings and then used for common goods that helped the entire family. For example, the TikToker recalls a time they used their taxed money to buy a new microwave.

The reveal sparked a wide-ranging debate among users. However, the vast majority of commenters praised Sami’s parents, calling them “genius” and saying that more families should follow suit.

“Your parents should totally write a book about this!” one user wrote.

“I can’t decide if this is mean or amazing,” another added.

“That’s a super smart lesson,” another wrote.

Sami, for her part, said she was thankful for the policy. The TikToker explained that now, as an adult, she’s never surprised or upset to see taxes come out of her paycheck.

The “weird family” trend has spanned into less serious arenas as well. For example, Devin’s original video, which began the challenge, revealed that her family had a pretty strange name for Parmesan cheese.

“My entire life growing up, we called Parmesan cheese ‘bop.’ I genuinely thought it was called ‘bop,'” the TikToker explains in her clip.


What’s something weird your family did? #fyp #family #funny #WorkingAtHome

♬ original sound – Rachel Devin

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