Wendy Williams’ ‘Masked Singer’ performance is now a meme TikTok can’t escape

The Masked Singer is easily one of the most meme-able television shows of all time. The FOX reality show brings together celebrities of varying levels of fame and talent, then forces them to perform in costume for a panel of relatively clueless judges. Chaos ensues.

The moment that has, by far, seized the most attention of young people all over the world is Wendy Williams’ Oct. 28 performance of “Native New Yorker” by Odyssey.

While wearing a giant lips costume that looks like it’s straight out of the Rocky Horror opening credits, the talk show host giggles her way through a surprisingly on-key performance. She’s also sitting down the whole time as dancers do their thing around her.

The part that’s currently going viral right now comes about 1:07 into the song, as Williams begins winding her performance down. We tried to put what is largely an indescribable vocal run into words.

“Yeahhhh, a little vampin’. Ooh ooh ooh. Ohhhh [laughter] [snorting sound] oops. Yorker. And guess what? No one opens the door [laughter] uh-uh for a native New Yorker. Here I go. Ohh ohh ohh ohh ohhhhh,” she sang.

Sadly, Williams was unmasked and eliminated from the show — but she honestly didn’t need to compete on it any longer. She has already won.

TikTok users quickly made those few iconic seconds into a sound that went viral. The memes have been every bit as hilarious.

“We could have been alive at any point in history but we were alive for wendy williams performance on the masked singer and i will count my blessings for that every day until i die,” TikTok user @holdensmith962 wrote in his video.

Commenters had a field day with Williams’ performance.

“The laziest performance but iconic nonetheless,” one user wrote.

“She did not disappoint and she did not care either,” another said.

Another user ranked her favorite parts of the song.

Yet another turned the lyrics into a quiz.


Wendy Williams on the masked singer has singlehandedly saved the American people this week #wendywilliams #foranativenewyorker #foryou #fyp

♬ Wendy Williams on The Masked Singer – Juls 🍗

This person captured the sentiment so many TikTokers seem to be experiencing right now — they can’t escape Williams’ singing.

“I can’t get it out of my head, it’s like it’s constantly playing on loop,” @clownbong wrote.

After seeing a meme like this permeate the very fabric of an app for a week straight, we only know one thing for sure — no one opens the door for a native New Yorker. Here I go.

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