Wendy’s gets into war of words with fast food chains, Twitter users

Wendy’s isn’t holding back in its quest to become the king (or queen) of fast food — even if that means participating in a good, ol’ roast session on National Roast Day.

On Feb. 11, the hamburger chain’s Twitter account declared that it was “National Roast Day” and that it would take part in making fun of fellow social media users, including its rivals.

“Time for everybody’s favorite made up social media holiday,” Wendy’s tweeted. “It’s #NationalRoastDay, like right now. Drop a ‘Roast Me’ below anf feel the burn.”

The fast food chain’s call for volunteers didn’t go unnoticed, as more than 23,000 accounts (including those owned by some major brands — from Reddit to the Tampa Bay Rays) replied. In true roasting fashion, Wendy’s didn’t pull any punches.

“Finally! A place for men to feel safe online,” it said sarcastically in response to Reddit’s request for an insult.

“You can’t be a lonely middle aged man in his basement if you have two hundred plastic toys of the things that make you remember when at least your parents loved you still mint in box,” it wrote in reply to toy company Funko’s petition to be roasted.

“Kidz Bop has less annoying voices than this show,” it said of the popular cartoon Bob’s Burgers.

The fast food place, however, saved its best lines for restaurant chains on National Roast Day.

“¿como se dice ‘you could use more herbs and spices on that bland chicken’ en español?” Wendy’s fired at KFC.

“No rules. just microwaves,” it told Outback Steakhouse.

A few days before “National Roast Day,” Wendy’s even tried to goad McDonald’s into taking part in a roast session by taking the first shot.

“Yeah, we wouldn’t wake up for your breakfast either,” Wendy’s wrote. “Don’t worry, on 3/2 there will be something worth waking up for.”

Sadly, the Big Mac chain didn’t respond. Still, Wendy’s Twitter account has been a hit on social media. At least one user, @tritan94, shared a clip of restaurant’s roast session on TikTok, where it has received over 300,000 likes and more than 1,000 comments.


#greenscreen @wendys chill 😂 #NationalRoastDay

♬ original sound – Bobby Bulsara

“Wendy’s social media team is top-tier,” one person wrote.

“Wendy’s keepin’ it spicy!” another added.

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