We’re sorry to say this viral fast-food restaurant map is totally fake

If you’ve been on the internet for any amount of time, you know that not everything you see here is true.

A map of the U.S. that indicates each state’s favorite fast-food restaurant recently went viral, setting the internet ablaze for hours — and it’s totally fake.

The Barstool Sports Twitter account shared the graphic on June 5, crediting data from the Public Information and Statistics Society, which does not exist.

At first glance, the map looks legitimate. It’s not surprising that folks in North Carolina love Bojangles, or that Montana residents appreciate McDonald’s and Hawaiians like Burger King.

When you look closer, though, you’ll notice that Sbarro is king in the realm of pizza snobs (New York), Chuck E. Cheese appears on the map three times (even though the restaurant chain was recently caught selling food under a fake name) and … is that the Rainforest Cafe logo on Colorado?

The inaccuracies go on and on. Some Twitter users identified the map as fake immediately.

“This is an extremely impressive troll,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Philly cheesesteaks from subway are what I miss most about home,” another joked.

That didn’t stop people from expressing their anger, though.

“This poll is a lie,” one person summarized.

“Apparently only 8 year olds were polled in Minnesota, Illinois, and Nebraska,” one user wrote. Another user pointed out that he probably meant Missouri, not Minnesota.

Any way you look at it, this map was clearly designed to get people talking — and it has certainly succeeded in that mission.

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