Whale shark playfully pretends to ‘eat’ tourist during photoshoot

Some things are just so hilarious they defy any language barriers at all. 

A group of daring tourists in Indonesia decided to get a photo op with a whale shark — hungry whale shark.

Ikbal Nurkarim went snorkeling during his visit to the Talisayan Village in East Borneo for a work trip in July. He and a group went on the boat ride to feed marine life off of the coast. When people were allowed to get off the boat for a swim, Nukarim joined. But the whale shark was still lingering.

Footage shows the moment he tried to snap a photo with a massive creature. Nukarim hangs from the side of the boat with the whale is just below the surface. As he waits for his friends to snap a picture, the whale appears to emerge with its huge, open mouth. It looks as though he wants to swallow Nukarim whole. The tourist’s friends laugh and scream in a giggle-fueled panic. 

Even if you don’t speak the same language as them, between the shouts and guffawing, you can pretty much imagine what they are saying. Ultimately, the group feeds the whale shark scraps to satiate it as Nukarim safely retreats to the boat. 

“The whale sharks were nice but I didn’t have the guts to go down there,” Nukarim’s friend, Ediho, who filmed the incident, told Newsflare. “Although they look harmless, I still would not want to trust my life with it. What happened to my friend shows why. It looked like it was going to eat him.”

However, it’s important to note that despite their massive size, whale sharks are not a threat to humans. The docile creatures even let swimmers catch a ride sometimes, although conservationists discourage humans from interacting too much with the animal. 

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