What do the bug emojis mean on TikTok? Secret lingo decoded

A few insect emojis have spawned a bootylicious dance trend on TikTok. Decoding bug emoji TikTok lingo is simple — typing the cricket and mosquito emojis next to each other makes it look like they’re dancing.

There’s no shortage of creativity on social media and this latest meme is very imaginative. A recent dance challenge called “Touch It” was born out of a slang inside joke. To understand the new craze, you’ll have to head down a TikTok rabbit hole.

What does cricket emoji-mosquito emoji mean on TikTok? 


Reply to @jenniferfranseccosande ok sorry last one 😆 I love supportive dance Tok! dc: @lilratpiss

♬ DAVUDİ – mamosaydn63

You may have seen a cricket emoji followed by a mosquito emoji in the comment section. The emoji pattern is supposed to visually symbolize the motion of “throwing it back,” or booty shaking. 

In @heyitscari’s video, someone commented, “You went like snake emoji, but you to be like cricket emoji-mosquito emoji.”

She responded with the dance from the “Touch It” challenge.

What is the ‘Touch It’ challenge on TikTok? 

The “Touch It” challenge combines two memes. It uses the sound from a video montage by @momosaydn63 that has a remix of the song “Touch It” by Busta Rhymes. 

Then the user @lilratpiss borrowed the sound to create the dance where she throws it back as she slowly rotates. Many people believe the dance is the personification of the movement that the cricket emoji-mosquito emoji symbolizes.

Some examples of the ‘Touch It’ challenge on TikTok:


😌Been waiting to do this one

♬ DAVUDİ – mamosaydn63

Influencer Bella Poarch subbed in Bob’s Burgers‘ Tina Belcher to do the dance. 



♬ DAVUDİ – mamosaydn63

Then @karaleighcannella got over 2 million likes for her version.


My husband walked in 😂😂😂😂 I can’t do this 😂 I tried so many times this is the best it’s going to get

♬ DAVUDİ – mamosaydn63

But @pinuppixxie’s “Touch It” submission added a bit of old Hollywood glamour.

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