What does ‘bing bong’ mean? Here’s why people keep yelling the phrase on TikTok

TikTokers can’t stop saying “bing bong” thanks to one excited Knicks fan. 

For the longest time being a New York Knicks fan was tough. The NBA team was known for its greatness in the ’90s but has struggled to recreate its past successes since. The Knicks didn’t make the playoffs for eight years until the 2020-21 season. Luckily, the team appeared to turn a new leaf when it scored a win against the Boston Celtics in Madison Square Garden at the start of the season. Longtime fans are super hyped about the recent victories and the phrase, “bing bong” has become a new call to action for them. 

Why are Knicks fans saying “bing bong”? 

After the Knicks beat the Celtics on Oct. 20, fans took to the streets to celebrate. Trent Simonian and Jack Byrne, hosts of the Twitter talk show, Sidetalk, interviewed some of the fans. A man named Jordie Bloom shared his excitement and the rest is history. 

“Bing bong!” he shouted, tugging on his Knicks t-shirt. 

What does “bing bong” mean? 

“The phrase is derived from the subway doors closing: ‘Stand clear of the closing doors please; bing bong,'” Bloom explained to ESPN. “I was leaving MSG to a sea full of happy and joyful Knick fans… I felt the need to walk over to them (the Sidetalk hosts) and rip a ‘bing bong.'”

He even referenced New York rapper NEMS’ song “Bing Bong” as inspiration. But people felt a montage of people fromConey Island best summed up the chaos of “bing bong.” 

Besides the bizarre slapstick antics and stunts, a man requesting Ariana Grande “ride the Cyclone” and a man with seven wives, “bing bong” made an appearance twice.

“F*** ya life, bing bong!” one man shouted from his car.

“If you see these dogs in your front yard just know upstairs I’m going hard. Bing bong!” a man holding two puppies declared

“Bing bong” takes over TikTok

Someone dared Fox46 meteorologist Nick Kosir to “say ‘bing bong’ for us New Yorkers.” Somehow Kosir managed to slip it right into his weather report. 

“Tomorrow is 65 and then on Thursday temps are going to get on the elevator and — bing bong — they’re gonna stop at 73,” he said.  

TikToker @deerockmusic created a dance remix of the man from Coney Island saying “bing bong.” 

When @aaliyahgrubaughh found another “bing bong” remix she knew she had gone down a rabbit hole. 

“This sound only has 18 videos I’m in too deep on ‘bing bong’ TikTok,” she wrote in a caption. 

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