What is ‘ciusism’? Here’s what the word blowing up TikTok comment sections actually means

A TikTok influencer is causing controversy with her viral creation: ciusism. 

You won’t find “ciusism” in the dictionary. No, it’s neither an acronym nor a portmanteau, abbreviation or slang. But you may have seen it in the comment section on TikTok, over and over again.


Here’s the real story behind the word “ciusism.”

What does ‘ciusism’ mean? 


Reply to @eva.hesse Essentially live and let live, love and let love #ciusism #religion #notacult #queer #haitian #blacktiktok

♬ original sound – W

“Ciusism” doesn’t mean anything. The word was created by TikToker @gadonkoze in her attempt to create an internet religion.

The religion is centered around the simple concept of “minding your own business.” Judging by @gadonkoze’s frequent use of the #notacult hashtag, it’s pretty clear “ciusism” is satirical and ironic in nature.

As ciusism’s leader, @gadonkoze often takes on the persona of a guru while doing things a guru would probably never do, like making a mockup of herself as a goddess to the score of Cardi B’s “WAP.”

Why do people write ‘ciusism’ in the comment section? 

In a video where @gadonkoze adopted a futuristic aesthetic, she conducted an “experiment.” She instructed her followers to comment “ciusism” without any context on the next video they see. 

“This is an experiment. You can either interact with this video, or you can leave,” she said. “Oh, you’re a curious one. Careful with that, I wouldn’t want you to be led astray. Speaking of being led, in the next video that comes up, I want you to comment ‘ciusism’ with no explanation. Let’s see how far this travels.”

The experiment received over 3 million views. 

“I feel like I sold my soul,” one user said.

“I did it and I’m scared,” another wrote.

Why is ‘ciusism’ controversial? 


i’ve added the word to my blocked word list, and i recommend anyone else who was upset by it to do the same. #ciusism

♬ original sound – eli

Not everyone liked receiving a ton of “ciusism” comments without any explanation. Some creators who are vulnerable to harassment thought they might be receiving threats and blocked the term.

The good news? The term is completely harmless. It’s just weird.

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