What does ‘hold my milk’ mean on TikTok?

A new Got Milk? campaign has TikTokers saying “hold my milk” while they flex their skills.

The unusual phrase is actually a play on another popular slang term you may know. It’s not uncommon to hear “hold my beer” at bars or on the Internet when someone braggadocious is trying to outdo someone else.

But the “hold my milk” challenge is not exactly the same. 

What does ‘hold my milk’ mean on TikTok? 

Hold my beer is “used to express an individual’s boastful intent to outdo another person as an act of sport or competitiveness, expressed immediately after hearing about their achievement. Frequently used sarcastically or ironically,” according to Urban Dictionary.

While “hold my beer” is used in a kind of petty way, or to insinuate one person is outdoing another in awfulness, “hold my milk” is used to showcase real talent. 


#HoldMyMilk challenge accepted. Now, show me what skills you got! @gotmilk #sponsored


Soccer player Laura Biondo asked TikTok to “hold her milk,” and placed her glass on top of an orange traffic cone. She launched into a series of impressive tricks, then perfectly kicked the ball to knock the glass of milk off the cone. 

“I want to play soccer like that,” someone commented

“You are so talented,” a user responded.


#HoldMyMilk while Jayden and I battle it out with @gotmilk Think you can beat us? Show us what you can do! #sponsored


Co-owner of Spirit Vibe, a company that provides music to cheer and dance teams, Roland Pollard did the challenge with his daughter, Jayden. He asked her to “hold his milk” then proceeded to do a backhand slam in the middle of their home. Jayden then told Pollard to “hold my milk” before doing several flips herself.

“Absolutely amazing,” one person wrote.

“I can’t even do a cartwheel,” another said

What does ‘hold my milk’ have to do with Got Milk?

The “Hold My Milk” campaign videos are actually sponsored by Got Milk?, an advertising firm devoted to increasing milk consumption. 

Got Milk? tried a similar challenge, known as the “Got Milk? Challenge” in 2020 where participants poured out a glass of milk and then did something amazing. 

However, the “Hold My Milk” challenge appears to be catching on with over 6.1 billion views. 

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