What does ‘muñañyo’ mean? The strange word is TikTok’s latest obsession

Social media users love to make up words and phrases as part of their own special language. Usually if you see someone on TikTok or Instagram using an acronym or phrase you don’t understand — like CC or “no cap” — it’s part of the vernacular largely popularized by Gen Z, the online generation.

The mysterious word “muñañyo” is very much one of these made-up terms. The word — which can also be spelled “muñaño” — recently started to circulate all over TikTok, to the point that it’s inspired its own devout fan base, known as the muñañyo gang.

What does muñañyo mean?

So what does muñañyo mean? Unlike other words and phrases that circulate online, “muñañyo” doesn’t seem to actually mean anything.

In most of the videos under the #muñañyo tag, which has more than 639 million views, users prank their friends and family members by saying muñañyo in a high-pitched voice at an unexpected moment.

It’s unclear how, why or when saying muñañyo became a trend, but at some point, it did. People on YouTube have even started to use the word — again, with no context and seemingly no meaning.

The word itself might have been created by TikTok user @jaykindafunny8, who calls himself the “CEO of Muñañyoooo” in his bio. He also refers to his fans as “Muñañitos.”

Sadly, there isn’t anything else to know about the word. It’s a nonsense word, and people just shout it it during pranks.

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