Here’s what SFS means on Snapchat and Instagram

You probably see the same hashtags pop up over and over again on Snapchat and Instagram, but that doesn’t make deciphering them any easier.

If you’ve spotted the acronym “SFS” floating around in hashtags and captions, you’re probably wondering: What does SFS mean?

Well, it could stand for one of three things. Here’s what the acronym means, why influencers use it and how you can too.

What does SFS mean on Snapchat and Instagram?

SFS stands for “snap for snap,” “shoutout for shoutout” or “spam for spam.” 

The three phrases virtually mean the same thing: I scratch your back, you scratch mine.

When users agree to an SFS, they agree to tag each other in a post to direct their followers to each other’s pages. This is to boost exposure and increase followers. Essentially, it’s a casual way of cross-promoting.

How is the #SFS hashtag used? 

The hashtag enables users to discover other accounts that are down to SFS — or cross-promote.

Ideally, you would tag a photo #SFS, others would find it and then they would hit the like button with the expectation that you would do the same for a photo of theirs.

On Snapchat, there is no option to like photos, so people use SFS as a way of asking people to post a photo to their story to gain followers. In return, the person asking for the favor does the same.

Pro tip: You can use other hashtags like #L4L (like for like) or #F4F (follow for follow) in the same way.

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