What does ‘unspoken rizz’ mean on TikTok?

TikTokers can’t stop talking about their “unspoken rizz.” Here’s what it means. 

The content creator Kai Cenat has 2.1 million followers on TikTok, 1.3 million on Instagram and 2.27 million on YouTube. Cenat has a lot of influence online, so when he invents new slang, some of it is bound to catch on. The lifestyle vlogger coined the term “rizz” as a part of his dating philosophy, and now it’s all the talk on social media. 

What does “rizz” mean on TikTok

To understand what “unspoken rizz” means, you’d have to understand what “rizz” is in the first place. The term was created by Cenat to describe his charm with the ladies. 

What does “unspoken rizz” mean on TikTok? 

According to Cenat’s rizz playbook, there are different kinds of rizz. An L grade stands for a loss, and a W grade stands for a win. But “unspoken rizz” is the kind where a man can have a woman swooning without saying a word. 

Cenat dubbed his friend Duke the “master” of unspoken rizz when Duke was able to have a woman giggling over FaceTime with only a hand wave. When Cenat tried to use the same trick on a different girl, he didn’t exactly get the same results. 

Guys on TikTok, as shown in @valmor.com’s video, are now trying to recreate the unspoken rizz hand gesture. 

The TikToker @brianodvor poked fun at the idea by making it seem like he beckoned the entire women’s track team with his finger.


pretty smooth if you ask me @🌸Charlotte🌸 #fyp #unspokenrizz #rizz

♬ original sound – i 🫶🏾 🫵🏾

But unspoken rizz isn’t just for guys. Girls were also eager to show off their swag like in @redrosegarden’sTikTok. 

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