Australian man baffles TikTok after revealing his country’s ‘different’ names for fruit

What is a rockmelon? That’s a question thousands of TikTokers are asking thanks to one Australian man’s viral video.

Posted by user Ricky Liu (@ricky.liu), the clip has sparked a hilarious conversation about the different names various countries have for the same foods.

It’s the latest in a longstanding trend on the app, where users have shared the biggest “culture shocks” they’ve learned about other countries. In the past, TikTokers have explained what “chips and salsa” look like in Italy, why British restaurants don’t give “free refills” and why Swedish people “only” eat candy on Saturdays.

In his similar clip, Liu shared his surprise in discovering the existence of the word “cantaloupe.” Apparently, in Australia, the fruit is called a “rockmelon.”

“I just found out that Americans call a rockmelon a cantaloupe,” Liu said in the video. “OK, it’s a melon that’s shaped like a rock [and] looks like a rock. It just makes sense.”


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As it turns out, cantaloupes have a variety of different names. Some countries refer to the fruit as “sweet melon” and “Crenshaw melon.” In South Africa, it’s often called “spanspek.”

However, Australians and New Zealanders tend to call it a rockmelon. That fact definitely surprised plenty of American TikTokers who commented on Liu’s video.

“I’m pretty sure everyone calls it a cantaloupe except for you,” one TikToker joked.

“Who even calls it a rockmelon?” another asked.

“What do rocks look like in Australia?” another joked.

The conversation around Liu’s video was reminiscent of another viral “culture shock” TikTok. The clip, shared by an American teacher working in Sydney, dug into her most jarring encounters with Australian slang.

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