TikToker reveals ‘insane’ Apple hack for transferring photos between devices

What is Apple Handoff? That’s the question on many TikTokers’ minds after watching one user’s “insane” video.

The clip comes from a 17-year-old named Zoey (@zoey_stein). Her post, which now has over 5 million views, appears to show the TikToker copying and pasting a photo between an iPhone and an iPad — with nothing but her fingers.


So what’s going on here? While the clip may look like a prank or magic trick, it’s actually just a little-known feature.

Apple Handoff is a tool that lets users transfer certain types of data seamlessly between their devices.

For example, you could use Handoff to open a Safari tab on your phone, then view it later on your computer. Or you could start writing an email on your iPad and finish it on your phone.

But the wildest-looking feature is likely the photo-sharing trick shown in Zoey’s video. Here’s how to do it.

How to transfer photos with Apple Handoff

To start, go to Settings, then click General. Tap the button that says AirPlay & Handoff, and toggle Handoff to the “on” setting.

To transfer photos, you’ll need two devices on the same Wi-Fi network, both logged in to the same Apple ID. You should also turn on Bluetooth — as well as Handoff — for both devices.

From there, you can use a three-finger pinch to “copy” a photo on one device. To “paste” the image, release the fingers outward on the receiving device.

And that’s it! Although the trick is simple, it’s clear many TikTokers had never heard of Handoff.

“HOW DOES THAT EVEN,” one user wrote.

“I picked up my iPad to try this and can’t believe it works,” another added.

“I’m so confused, I tried it and it works but how,” another wrote.

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