Russian firefighter astounds viewers with video of his wild ladder-climbing skills

If you don’t know what fire sport is, don’t worry; you’re not alone.

In fact, the activity seems to be coming as a surprise to millions and millions of TikTokers.

It’s all thanks to a user named @artur.prosport, who, according to his social media profiles, is a firefighter in Russia. In addition to that role, he also competes in a series of challenges known as fire sport, which requires competitors to square off in several firefighter-centric activities.

One of those activities: the ladder-climbing race. The TikToker has countless viral videos of himself competing in the race, which involves using one ladder to scale a multistory tower.

Some of @artur.prosport’s videos have millions upon millions of views, and it’s easy to see why. The clips offer a glimpse into a pretty feature in the world of firefighting.

It’s just the latest TikTok to offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse into strange or unconventional jobs. In recent weeks, users have also shown what it’s like to work on an airport runway, run a motel and how tollbooth operators get to work each day.

Fire sport, in particular, is popular among firefighters in Russia and other former Soviet Union nations — such as the Czech Republic. Events feature relay races, obstacle courses, a hose-firing competition and, of course, the ladder race (also known as tower-climbing).

In @artur.prosport’s videos, he’s usually competing with ladders. However, he also has videos of his practices for obstacle course races — including running along a balance beam while holding a fire hose.

Overall, his videos have stunned TikTokers. Some users called the sport “dangerous,” while others were simply impressed by @artur.prosport’s skills.

“IMPRESSIVE,” one user wrote.

“Dang bro you’re talented,” another commented.

“That looks dangerous,” another wrote.

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