TikTok is obsessed with this New Yorker’s 170-square-foot ‘micro-studio’

If you’ve never heard of a micro-studio, it’s probably because you’ve never needed to look for one.

The tiny, bite-sized apartments have a special appeal in New York City, where rent is high and space is limited. Sometimes, the answer is to simply work with the square footage you have.

Emily Kohn is making full use of her apartment. The TikTok user shared a tour of the 170-square-foot space, leaving viewers in awe.


Tour of my 170 sq ft micro studio ##nycliving ##nyc ##newyork ##upperwestside ##ftp ##microlife ##manhattan

♬ Work work work work work – Fifth Harmony

Kohn’s studio manages to fit a “living room,” an “office,” a kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom, all into the space many people have in their bedroom. She calls the room a “micro-studio” and it’s easy to see why.

The tour, during which Kohn labels each “room” as she circles through her apartment, left TikTok users in awe. Many were impressed she could use the space so wisely.

“Looks cozy,” one user wrote.

“If you are happy that’s all that matters! It’s a great space!” another added.

“it actually looks pretty nice,” another praised.

“What more could you need?” another asked.

The clip made some users a little too claustrophobic though. Several commenters seemed a little turned off by the idea of occupying such a tiny area.

“Omg I can’t breathe just by watching this,” one user wrote.

“Why live like that?” another asked.

Still, it’s clear there’s plenty of support behind the micro-studio concept. In fact, a leasing agent recently went viral on TikTok for sharing small, affordable New York City apartments that basically resembled dorm rooms.

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