McDonald’s employee shares how the chain allegedly makes its Big Macs

What is on a McDonald’s Big Mac, exactly? It’s a question some fast-food customers — even those who adore the iconic hamburger — might not know the answer to.

However, an alleged McDonald’s employee is drawing millions of views after showing how the iconic sandwich is made.

The clip, posted by user @essentialmcdonalds, went viral on TikTok, where fast-food secrets are a common occurrence. In recent months, users have also shown how Chipotle makes its guacamole, how Waffle House cooks use “secret codes” to communicate orders and why McDonald’s uses two different kinds of eggs.

In @essentialmcdonalds’ video, he walks viewers through what appears to be the step-by-step process of preparing a McDonald’s Big Mac.

First, @essentialmcdonalds toasts the bun. He uses different settings for each of the sandwich’s three buns, which he says are called the “crown” (top), “heel” (bottom) and “club” (center). Then, he places the buns in the box and adds mayonnaise, dehydrated onions and “about a half-ounce of lettuce” to each side.

Next, he adds pickles, one slice of cheese and two patties before transferring the “club” to the top of the “heel.” Finally, he adds the “crown” and closes the box. That part, @essentialmcdonalds claims, is the most difficult step in the process.

TikTok users were largely fascinated by the process.

“Did I just get trained to work in a McDonald’s?” one user joked.

“I’m obsessed with learning this,” another added.

“Now I want a Big Mac,” another wrote.

Others were confused by the naming system for buns and questioned why it was necessary.

“I’m really upset that they call it a heel,” one user wrote.

“Why can’t they just call it ‘top, bottom, middle,’ lol,” another added.

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