What is the sidewalk rule on TikTok?

The hopeless romantics on TikTok are obsessed with the “sidewalk rule.” 

While you certainly don’t want to be measuring the quality of your relationship based on trendy dating rules, sometimes they can be fun to engage with. As long as you don’t take them too seriously. The sidewalk rule has become a popular standard amongst women dating men on TikTok. Apparently, if he doesn’t know the sidewalk rule, he’s not a keeper. 

What is the sidewalk rule on TikTok?

The sidewalk rule is the idea that when your significant other walks next to you on the sidewalk they walk on the nearest to the street. So if you’re walking on the side by the cars, he’ll gently scoot you over to the “correct” side. Of course, not everyone is aware of the idea or abides by traditional courtship rules — so take this little test with a grain of salt.

The idea here is that he is better able to protect you from ongoing traffic and other lurking dangers this way. The hashtag #sidewalkrule currently has over 816,000 views. 

“He knew the sidewalk rule. Get you somebody who knows the sidewalk rule,” @girlcrushonmyself said looking smitten

TikToker @gigihatestiktok said “I hate corny relationship stuff like it makes me want throw up,” but regarding the sidewalk rule, “sometimes these little things make me so happy like I WON’T SHOW IT BUT IT DOES.”

“When she send you a TikTok about the sidewalk rule as if you don’t already know the rule,” @tyreseyy wrote in a caption

Meanwhile, TikToker @kaleigh.hii asked a bunch of guys if they knew what the sidewalk rule did, some knew instantly while others suggested things like “don’t step on cracks.” 

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