‘What is your BUT’ filter leaving TikTokers ‘too stunned to speak’

There’s something about the internet telling people about their personality — whether as an online test or a TikTok filter — that gets them going. The new “What is your BUT” filter on TikTok is no different. 

The concept of the filter is to give you a baseline trait and then a secondary trait — your BUT — to follow it up. 

This filter was created by Mhernhel Mae (@merninja) and already has over 165,000 videos attached to it. She has also created several viral filters before, such as the “YOU AS A DOLL” filter and the “You’re a 10 BUT” filter. Both filters have over 500,000 users. While the latter is fairly similar to the current “What is your BUT” trend, it relies on more description than Mae’s newest creation. 

For several users — even celebrities — the filter hits close to home, leaving them silent. 

Here, All American star Michael Evans Behling (@Michaelb0505) was left speechless by the filter. 

“Too stunned to speak,” replied @nahncydee.

He was so invested in the filter that he decided to try it one more time to get a more favorable answer. 

Behling still didn’t say anything, but he was clearly content with his results. 

“Well actuaaally, this kinda makes sense lol,” said @_jamiemays in the comments. 

Behling is just one of many people who didn’t seem pleased with their results. 

“Tik tok really said this is for you and about you on this one,” said @sakoi19.

Mae has proven before that she can create a fun and engaging filter. As long as users continue to feel seen by the “What is your BUT” filter, expect its numbers and popularity to continue growing to match its predecessors. 

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