What the heck is ‘sushi pizza’? We investigate

“Sushi pizza” is a new TikTok trend that has me asking: Why?

Crispy rice sushi pizza is exactly what it sounds like — the recipe combines everyone’s favorite comfort foods into one giant meal. 

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Do I like pizza? Yes. Do I like sushi? Of course. Do I think sushi pizza makes sense? Absolutely not.

As per usual, it is my mission to debunk viral TikTok recipes before you try them, so let’s investigate whether sushi pizza is worth the hassle of actually making for yourself.

For the recipe, I looked up a healthy food blog — Holistic Foodie — to get the step-by-step instructions. Holistic Foodie promises this is “easier than sushi” and “ready in 30.”

To make a sushi pizza, we need a base of sushi rice patty mixed with some rice vinegar, all cooked until it’s browned and crispy. I recommend making your patty on the thicker side, or you risk burning down your kitchen, as I almost did.

Then, we add wasabi powder or hot sauce into a bowl of mayo to make a paste. We’ll mix the paste with our canned tuna, and voila! Homemade “spicy tuna.” You can also just use regular raw tuna if you’re fancy.

Spread a layer of the spicy mayo paste on the rice patty, then top with the “spicy tuna,” avocado, seaweed, sesame seeds, chopped green onion or cucumber — whatever you want. I even went above and beyond and made my own spicy mayo concoction by mixing mayo and hot sauce. There is a lot of mayonnaise involved in this recipe.

Putting aside my internal philosophical debate over what constitutes pizza, I thought sushi pizza tasted pretty good. It’s a snack that I wouldn’t necessarily make when I’m feeling hangry because there are simply too many steps involved, but I might dabble in making it again to impress some guests.

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