How to keep the momentum going after the third date

Michael thinks after three dates, the allure is gone. Jujubee and Thorgy Thor help him find ways to keep the magic alive in this episode of Love Hotline. 

“How do you keep a guy’s interest after a couple of dates?” Michael asked. “Like, after three dates once you already know kind of everything about someone, how do you keep it interesting?” 

Thorgy was shocked that Michael felt he could know someone after only a few dates. Jujubee asked Michael if he corresponded with his prospects in between dates. He admitted that he did. 

“The next time you go on dates with somebody, wait and just get to know each other in person,” Jujubee said. 

When Thorgy heard that most of Michael’s dates were just meetups for drinks, they both agreed that was “boring.” Michael said his ideal date would be something activity-driven. 

“Maybe you could take charge and plan what you’re going to do,” Jujubee suggested. 

She said something like making dinner together can create a fun memory, even if it doesn’t go as planned.

“You could find a recipe that’s really hard to make and then y’all could screw that up and then you have a story,” Jujubee added. 

“I think the more weird things you do with somebody new, the more you learn about them,” Thorgy added. “If it keeps going, maybe that’s the person you stick with for a long time.” 

“If you suck at making lasagna, I end it,” Michael joked. 

“The special part is you’ve created this beautiful date and then the wedding bells come and then you invite the two of us,” Jujubee said. 

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