Footage of a speechless Wendy Williams has TikTok transfixed

A random audio snippet from the Wendy Williams Show has TikTokers perplexed. 

Television host Wendy Williams is usually in the hot seat over her penchant for celebrity gossip and strong opinions. On TikTok, however, she is embraced for her absurdity. Before it was her Masked Singer performance, this time around, people have latched onto a less controversial bit from an old Halloween segment. People are using the sound to point out bizarre, spooky and baffling things they come across. 

Wendy Williams goes viral on TikTok

During a Halloween episode of the show, the audience wore costumes. Williams expressed concern that someone after her — “the killer — could be disguised in a mask. When the camera cut to a person wearing a scary zombie mask, she became startled in the middle of her segment. She then called for James, her bodyguard. 

“That’s what she said, and you know what? I — what was that? OK… James,” Williams said

Examples of the Wendy Williams TikTok trend

The sound was first uploaded by @stanthosh who spliced together footage from the Wendy Williams Show segment with a video of Jason Derulo crawling around like a cat

Maddy Jewell used the sound to show how bizarre her honeymoon dress looked when she rode a bike. The yellow number puffed up to about twice its size. 

TikToker Ashlyn Hewitt showcased a fairly innocuous photo of herself. That was until she noticed a shadow of her face on the wall that made her nose appear extra long. 

The user @juuujuuuj thought a photo of her and her boyfriend came out great. Then she saw the way the camera made her eyes look beady and deranged. 

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