Is this subscription service the ‘Netflix for dogs?’ To find out, we tried it ourselves

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It’s 2021, and we officially have TV for dogs.

Not just that, but we have full-on premium subscription services — basically, Netflix for pups. It’s called DogTV and it costs anywhere between $7 and $10 per month, so about as much as your standard human streaming option.

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DogTV offers all kinds of different experiences, depending on what your little fella enjoys. There are relaxation channels, street exposure channels, “stimulation” channels and so much more.

On social media, pet owners seem to adore the service.

“OK they love DogTV,” one Twitter user wrote of their pups.

“I can’t believe my dog actually watches DogTV,” another added.

But is it all worth the cost? Further, what’s the actual best TV channel to help your dog relax? To find out, we decided to test DogTV against two other animal-friendly viewing options: the Animal Planet channel on cable and a series of free doggie live streams on YouTube.

Keep reading below for our full rankings, our check out the video above to see what our editors (and their pups!) thought of each option.

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What’s the best TV for dogs? We compared 3 options

To test out our TV choices, we enlisted the help of three groups of eager doggos. First up, we had “The Danes,” four massive Great Danes owned by this editor’s very brave parents. Next, we had Pretzel, the adorable, soon-to-be-Instagram-famous pup owned by our producer Poppy. Lastly, we had Milo, the “spazzy” dog owned by our producer Tuba.

We put our TV options in front of all three groups of dogs, and they had very different reactions. Here’s how each service fared.

Animal Planet: This was, for our pets, the worst option. None of the dogs seemed very engaged — although, to be fair, this is technically a channel for humans! 0/3.

YouTube: To test this option, we used a free, 24-hour dog live stream. The Danes didn’t seem very impressed, but Milo was a huge fan. The normally crazy pup was calm, engaged and even more focused than this editor during an episode of The Crown. Pretzel seemed to enjoy it, too. 2/3.

DogTV: To compare, we went with DogTV’s “relaxation” sample video — to see just how much it could calm down our pups. Again, The Danes were unfazed, but Milo and Pretzel both seemed extremely engaged (if not a little sleepy!). 2/3.

So, we ended with a tie. DogTV and YouTube both managed to catch the attention of two of our three doggie test groups. Ultimately, we gave the edge to YouTube since, well, it’s free — but that said, DogTV has plenty of options that we barely scratched (pun intended) the surface of.

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