Drake, a known Scorpio, had the most insane menu at his birthday dinner

Drake celebrated his 34th birthday recently, and, in typical Drake fashion, the event spawned a massive meme-worthy moment.

This time, it’s the rapper’s appetite that has fans freaking out. A menu from the supposed party, which was seemingly held on Oct. 24, made its way onto Twitter, where it immediately went viral.

The reason? Three words: mac and cheese.

According to tweets of the alleged menu, Drake served his guests a mac and cheese dish packed with sun-dried tomatoes (?), capers (!?), raisins (!!!!!) and parsley. Needless to say, Twitter users had plenty of strong feelings.

“Drake is eating Mac and cheese with sun-dried tomato, raisins, capers and parsley. I don’t ever wanna be that rich,” one user wrote.

“The menu at Drake’s birthday dinner looks awful,” another added.

“Drake could have any meal in the world, but raisins IN mac & cheese lands on the birthday menu,” another wrote.

Twitter users went on to call the food “mediocre” and “horrible,” but as some users pointed out, it’s possible there’s a simple typo at play here.

On the menu, Drake’s chefs listed the same ingredients — raisins, capers, etc. — for his “grilled cauliflower” dish. It seems likely that someone just mistakingly copied the same line twice, placing it below the mac and cheese as well.

Then again, there’s the chance that Drake’s “mac and cheese” was actually noodle kugel, a savory-sweet casserole often served during the Jewish High Holidays. Recipes for the dish can differ, but they often include raisins.

“Hey, that’s his mama side of the family,” one Twitter user wrote of the menu, referring to Drake’s Jewish mother.

Either way, the chaos seemed to coincide perfectly with the start of Scorpio season, a time of year that many millennials dread but one that Drake, who literally named an album after his astrological sign, seems to embrace.

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