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I started wearing glasses when I was in the fourth grade. Unlike a lot of kids, I almost immediately embraced wearing glasses. In addition to the fact that I appreciated that I could see so much better with them, I liked how I looked in glasses, so it wasn’t a big deal for me to wear them every day.

My issue with glasses didn’t arise until much later in life. As a kid, I rarely ever wore sunglasses, but as an adult, I learned that protecting my eyes from the sun was pretty important. Buying just a regular pair of sunglasses from a department store was out of the question for me because, well, I wouldn’t be able to see very much when wearing them. The alternative would be to go to my local eyeglasses store to get a pair of prescription sunglasses there. But the first time I went that route, the quote for a single pair of prescription sunglasses was over $400! And that was with insurance!

For a long time, I just didn’t wear sunglasses. Then, a bunch of websites started popping up that made it way easier to purchase prescription eyeglasses online. Many of them didn’t immediately have sunglasses available, but now most of them do. As a result, I now have lots of amazing prescription sunglasses that I love!

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What To Know About Buying Prescription Sunglasses Online

If you’ve never purchased prescription eyewear online, it’s important to have some preliminary info on hand before you start your search. Obviously, you’ll need your prescription from your optometrist. You should also have a pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses that look good on you handy. If you look on the inner arm of most glasses, you’ll see the glasses’ measurements, and this will help you decide which size glasses to order online.

When it comes to deciding on where to buy prescription sunglasses online, the right website for you depends on what’s most important. If affordability is your top priority, then check out EyeBuyDirect. They have loads of trendy and classic frame options that are almost all under $100.

If you want a pair of designer prescription sunglasses, then should be your go-to. In addition to their in-house brands, this website also allows you to add prescription lenses to stylish frames from Ray-Ban, Gucci, Celine and more.

Last but not least, Warby Parker should always be on your radar when shopping for prescription sunglasses. While their prices aren’t the most affordable, they’re definitely an industry leader when it comes to quality. Plus, they have actual in-person stores around the country, so if you ever have a problem or just need your frames adjusted, you can pop in.

Ready to start building out your own collection of prescription sunglasses that will keep your eyes protected at the beach while driving and more? Learn more about where to buy prescription sunglasses online below.

Where To Buy Prescription Sunglasses Online

Credit: Jeanine Edwards

I own more than five pairs of prescription sunglasses from, so it’s safe to say the site is one of my personal faves. I really like the designer frame selection, but I also appreciate all the ways you can customize lenses here. In addition to offering polarized lenses, you can also choose mirrored lenses at Glasses USA, plus you can select from a few different tint levels.

Another reason to bookmark They frequently run sales and promotions! I’ve snagged some of my favorite prescription sunglasses at their buy one, get one free sale. They’re running a BOGO sale right now, so don’t miss out!

Top Picks from

Ray-Ban RB3016 Clubmaster, $161

Credit: GlassesUSA

Muse Optimum, $36.80 (Orig. $96)

Credit: GlassesUSA

Ottoto Roland, $42.40 (Orig. 106)

Credit: GlassesUSA


Credit: Jeanine Edwards

First and foremost, the prices at EyeBuyDirect are basically unbeatable. You can get a really great quality pair of prescription sunglasses for less as little as $40 in some cases. Their regular prices are already reasonable, but if you’re lucky enough to find a coupon code, you’re in for even more savings.

Price aside, EyeBuyDirect is also a great option if you like to follow trends. Yes, there are tons of classic, timeless frames to choose from on the site, but there are always a bunch of on-trend styles, too. For example, if you’re into the retro sunglasses trend that’s all over social media these days, you can get the look with these Impression frames that are only $49.

Top Picks from EyeBuyDirect:

Nevada, $59

Credit: EyeBuyDirect

Good Vibrations, $59

Credit: EyeBuyDirect

Impression, $49

Credit: EyeBuyDirect

Warby Parker

Credit: Jeanine Edwards

Of course, Warby Parker should always be part of the conversation when talking about prescription eyewear. Their prescription sunglasses start at $175, which isn’t exactly cheap, but it’s definitely more affordable than what you’d get at your local eyeglasses store. I haven’t purchased Warby Parker prescription sunglasses in about four years, but here’s the thing: my old pairs still look amazing all these years later! That’s a testament to how well-made these sunglasses are.

In addition to quality, there are lots of other reasons to shop Warby Parker. Their selection is very impressive, with lots of frames to suit all different face shapes and personal styles. They also offer an incredible home try-on program that lets you wear the glasses IRL to see if they’re right for you before ordering. Plus, to help with the cost of their frames, Warby Parker also has an option to pay in installments on their website.

Top Picks from Warby Parker:

Tilley, $175

Credit: Warby Parker

Cyrus, $225

Credit: Warby Parker

Ryland, $175

Credit: Warby Parker

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