Daughter uses ‘whisper challenge’ to reveal her cancer-free diagnosis to dad: ‘This is what pure joy looks like’

A dad’s emotional reaction upon learning his daughter is cancer-free is bringing TikTokers to tears.

Victoria Glosson (@freedago2021) gained over 10.3 million views and 20,000 comments when she posted the heartwarming footage to her account.

And while we’ve seen dads get emotional over special surprises before — like this heartbroken dad who received the best Christmas gift ever after losing his dog of 13 years — Victoria’s dad, Sheriff Barry Glosson, had a reaction that touched hearts around the world.


Telling my dad I’m CANCER FREE 🥳🎉🙏🏽 *I made him put in AirPods with loud music to guess what I was saying* #Blessed F***Cancer #CancerFree

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In early 2021, after two years of battling Hodgkin’s lymphoma, 23-year-old nursing student Victoria was scheduled to take a PET scan on a Friday to learn the status of her cancer.

However, unbeknownst to Victoria’s parents, she actually had the PET scan that Wednesday and received the results on Thursday.

Eager to share the news in a special way, Victoria asked her dad, the sheriff of Oak Ridge, N.C., to come home quickly. She fibbed, telling her dad she needed his help with a school assignment.

When Sheriff Glosson got home, Victoria explained that she needed to film them playing the “whisper challenge” for a project — so she popped AirPods in her dad’s ears and blared some loud music.

“I’m cancer-free,” Victoria whispered.

“Can you write it down?” her dad asked. “I can’t understand.”

“I’m cancer-free,” she repeated.

“What?” he asked, a dubious look creeping across his face.

“I’m cancer-free,” she said again.

“Ok, you’re cancer-free,” the dad parroted, trying to put the pieces together.

Finally, he seemed to understand. “Did you have your PET scan?” he asked.

Victoria must have nodded behind the camera because the dad suddenly exploded into the air, hopping up and down, arms pumping above him.

Since recording the heartwarming moment, Victoria and her parents have gone on to enjoy well-deserved viral fame, even appearing on The Kelly Clarkson Show, where they received $1,000.

“The jump kicks! I literally started BAWLING MY EYES OUT!” one TikToker user wrote in the comments of Victoria’s video.

“Love this so much. Humanity at its best,” another user commented.

“This is what pure joy looks like,” wrote one user.

A year later, and Victoria is happy to report that she is still cancer-free — and still enjoying the love and support of her wonderful parents.

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