TikTok users are sharing what makes them smile in a surprisingly wholesome trend

TikTok is in a good mood thanks to this positive meme. 

The “Yo Bro, Who Got You Smiling Like That?” trend has people celebrating what makes them smile. The upbeat meme started with a viral TikTok about a guy who can’t stop beaming whenever he’s texting on his phone. A remix of the audio has got people feeling good vibes only. 

The “Yo Bro, Who Got You Smiling Like That?” trend origins


yk its serious when yu smile at da phone 😂😂😂😂 #fyp #comedy #zeddywill

♬ original sound – aka CBANDZZZ 🗣

On July 12, @zeddywill shared a skit where a friend recorded him while he was on his phone. The influencer was captured smiling ear to ear every time he was on his phone. 

“Yo bro, who got you smiling like that? Like, mad happy,” the friend asked

“Chill, chill, chill,” @zeddywill replied sheepishly. 

The video received 14 million views in three weeks. Then it spawned a popular remix. 

TikToker @dan_is_nice created a mashup where the dialogue, “Yo bro, who got you smiling like that?” transitioned into A-Wall’s “Loverboy.” 

TikTokers are using the remix in the “Smiling” trend

“Yo bro, who got you smiling like that?” @jessiemaealonzo wrote in the caption. “Someone who doesn’t like me back.” 

But it was all good, she danced around in her bedroom with pure joy.


🥰 (the last video was a test)

♬ original sound – Yo

“Yo bro, who got you smiling like that?” @brandonspam_ said. 

He showed a funny video of an elephant who “pretends to eat” a woman’s hat “but then gives it back.” 

“Yo bro, who got you smiling like that?” @aaronjhaketv said in the video caption. “Doggo using its tail as a propeller.” 

A dog then quite literally used its tail to propel itself over a fence. 

Actress Sara Waisglass said it was her “own texts to my friends. I’m so funny,” that was making her smile

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