Who is Brianna Gomez on TikTok?

A popular TikToker made an appearance at the Grammys. Now, everyone is talking about Brianna Gomez

Gomez has over 14,000 Instagram followers and 84,000 TikTok followers, where she boasts that “Paris Hilton follows me, and so should you.” But she scored viral success in a video where she revealed that she had been attending the Grammys since fifth grade. Here’s everything we know about the mysterious influencer Brianna Gomez. 

Who is Brianna Gomez on TikTok? 

Gomez is 19 years old and vlogs on TikTok about fashion and pop culture. Her father is an unnamed former rapper, and she has hinted at being a musician herself. Little is known about Gomez, and questions arose when she began posting content about attending the Grammys. 

Why was Brianna Gomez invited to the Grammys? 


Reply to @chaneldiordepp limited details about why i was invited to the grammys lol🙃 #grammys2022 #thegrammys

♬ She – Tyler, The Creator

When people kept asking why Gomez was attending the iconic music awards show, she gave a vague answer. 

“I don’t know how much I’m allowed to say about this. Long story short, my dad used to be a rapper and is part of the recording academy. And I am possibly releasing something sometime soon,” Gomez said.

In another video, she rated her previous Grammy outfits from when she was a kid. She was not pleased with her past “boring” looks, including a Brandy Melville minidress and a satin maxi dress. 


Reply to @savmacsporran679 like wdym who am i😪😪😪

♬ original sound – Brianna Gomez🧸👛🥂

With so many people asking Gomez who she is, she addressed the question with a bit of camp. 

“I can’t tell if people seriously don’t know who I am or if they’re just joking? Like, have you been living under a rock?” she said

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