Who is Larray? The former Vine star is now a TikTok sensation

Internet personality Larray has managed to score major success on most popular social media platforms. His enigmatic charm and sense of humor seem to reel people in, resulting in millions of online followers.

Here’s what to know about the former Vine star turned TikTok sensation.

Larray’s real name is Larri Merritt.

Larray told Awesomeness TV his nickname’s origins in 2019. He came up with the name while running a Miley Cyrus fan account on social media. It turns out “Lar-Ray” is merely a play on Miley Ray Cyrus.

He shares a birthday with Selena Gomez.

Born on July 22, 1998, the 22-year-old is a Los Angeles native.

He’s part of the content creator collective Hype House.

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This trio🔥

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Larray joined the Los Angeles-based Hype House in January 2020. Other members include popular TikTok personalities Chase Hudson (aka LilHuddy), Tony Lopez and Avani Gregg, to name a few.

He got his start on Vine.

Larray had more than 100,000 followers on Vine when it shut down in 2016. Fortunately, may of his funny Vines have been archived on YouTube.

When Vine shut down, Larray shifted his focus to other platforms — and it worked. At the time of writing, he has 5.2 million followers on Instagram, 6.83 million followers on YouTube and 17.4 million followers on TikTok.

Larray creates all kinds of content, but he is mostly known for making funny videos geared toward a younger audience.

On Oct. 18, he also made headlines with his content when he released a diss track called “Canceled,” targeting everyone — seriously, everyone — in the TikTok community. Tana Mongeau, James Charles, Jeffree Star, the Dolan twins and Tony Lopez were just a few of the social media influencers he called out by name.

It seems to be all in good fun, though, since half of the people he “canceled” appeared in the music video.

Controversy sells, though. The video scored over 11 million views in YouTube in just a couple of days.

He calls his fans “girlies.”

Larry sells merch with the endearing nickname on it. He also has a Depop where dedicated girlies can shop his closet.

He’s dating YouTuber Brady Potter.

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u got me so hypnotized 🤪

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Larray started dating Brady Potter in April 2019. Potter is a successful YouTuber in his own right with 641,000 subscribers. The fitness vlogger told fans he identified as bisexual on Instagram in July 2019.

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