Who is the leader of your friend group? TikTok wants to know

Group dynamics are always a beast of their own, as social hierarchies can dominate our lives at certain times. 

People on social media are calling out the toxic leaders in their friend groups — and it’s hilarious. Sometimes, you have a friend group where a specific person always has to be the center of everything. The group leader trope paints the alpha as always controlling, manipulative and scheming against their own friends. 

People, especially in Black social media circles, are now roasting group leaders and posturing to take their place in a funny series of memes. 


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The perfect example of the leader trope is in @jayfilayy’s skit, “When you are the leader of the friend group.” 

In the clip, he just goes around mushing his friends in the head to assert his authority. 

The user @jordanfromvegaz explained the foolproof way to know who the leader of the group is: When a member cancels plans to meet with the group, and then everyone else cancels too, you’ve found your leader. 

TikToker @itscarneezy took a more cinematic approach, referencing the bully archetype from Disney movies as he made demands of his underlings

While much of the content mocks group leaders, it’s still seen as desirable (in an ironic way, of course) to be the leaders. 

“Me fighting gang to become leader of the friend group,” @cc_princechaos wrote on Twitter

“Gotta make sure my girl know I’m the leader of my friend group,” @JamezDead said, showing a photo of the red Power Ranger’s belt buckle, in a tweet

Meanwhile, @scr1blez declared on Twitter, “There is no ‘leader of the friend group’ with the homies, we all equally stupid.” 

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