Wholesome cooking TikTok account will satisfy all of your senses

TikTok’s menwiththepot features a group of men concocting outdoor recipes with an ASMR twist. 

The sound of bacon sizzling, knives cutting and eggs cracking might be familiar if you’re one of their 1.7 million followers. For the uninitiated, those who like hearty, wholesome foods cooked over an open flame will love the channel’s pork belly bathed in whiskeyfried steak rolls and burger with fresh buns. The recipes are as relaxing for the ears and eyes as they are pleasing to the tastebuds. 

Men With The Pot’s most viral dish however is what they call “simply delicious and easy chicken breast.” 

The video starts with the sound of a knife scratching against a wooden cutting board as the cook chops crunchy cucumber, tomato, onion, peppers and cheese. Next, he scores a piece of chicken breast. He douses it in olive oil and places the veggies and cheese into each pocket of the chicken breast. When he puts the chicken in a frying pan, it emits a satisfying sizzling sound. He tops it with shredded cheese and covers the pan with a lid.

While the chicken cooks, he grinds herbs with a stone pistil and mortar. Finally, he places the topping on the vegetable and cheese-loaded chicken breast. 

The dish looks mouthwatering. It’s no wonder it racked up over 21 million views. 

“I’ve waited a long time to make it to food ASMR TikTok,” one person commented

“The chicken just had more love than I have in my life,” another said

“It isn’t nearly as satisfying when I cut vegetables,” someone wrote

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