More than 10,000 Amazon shoppers swear by this top-selling screen cleaner for their phones, tablets and more

If you have a phone, you need to clean it — simple as that. Your hands touch everything, and then your hands touch your phone, and often your phone touches your face. You know the evolution, so don’t suffer the consequences like illness or acne due to a dirty phone screen.

Besides washing your hands, you should use a cleaner made specifically for screens. Harsh and even not-so-harsh-seeming chemicals found in glass cleaner, makeup remover, vinegar and disinfectant wipes could strip your screen’s protective and anti-glare coating and make it more susceptible to scratches. Not to mention, if you spray your phone with say, Windex, do you want to touch your face and hands with that cleaner all day? Probably not.

One of Amazon’s best-selling screen cleaner kits by Whoosh! includes an odorless, non-toxic spray and soft antimicrobial microfiber cloths for gently wiping off fingerprints, dirt, grime, oil and anything else accumulated on your phone. According to the product description, Whoosh! is “proven to leave your screen surface 99.99% cleaner.”

WHOOSH! Screen Cleaner Kit, $17.99 (Orig. $19.99)

Credit: Amazon

One Amazon reviewer with experience working in tech said that the Woosh! cleaner is “the only thing I use on my electronics.”

For best results, spray the cleansing cloth with the cleaner (not the device) and wipe clean. You can also use the cleansing cloth for quick touch-ups without the cleaning solution.

However you decide to do it, cleaning your phone in general is important. According to Samsung, you should wipe down your phone daily and do a deeper clean at least once per week.

“It is important to clean your phone at the end of each week because like any device or thing, it can consistently develop a new hotbed for germs and bacteria to live on,” the brand wrote in a blog post from 2016.

“Stay away from using paper towels to clean your phones,” Samsung also advised. “For some of us this is a natural impulse, but you must resist the urge because it can give the appearance of scratches and doesn’t leave your phone as clean as a lint-free cloth would.”

The Whoosh! Screen Cleaning Kit, which regularly retails for $19.99, actually includes two bottles of the cleaner (a 3.4-ounce and a 0.3-ounce travel size) with three cleansing cloths. Of course, you can also use the cleanser and cloths on tablets, televisions, laptops, eyeglasses and more.

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