TikTokers dumbfounded after discovering an alleged ‘secret’ about Cheez-It crackers

Why are Cheez-Its squares? According to a viral TikTok, the famously square-shaped snacks might actually be rectangles.

The theory has existed for a long time, as the subject of Reddit posts and official Wikipedia entries. In 2019, Mashed even reported that the crackers measure 26 x 24 mm.

Now, snack food fans on TikTok are sharing their surprise. It’s all thanks to user Derek Hill (@derekbretthill), who decided to measure the crackers in a recent clip. In the video, Hill uses a digital caliper — a device that measures an object’s dimensions — to figure out whether or not Cheez-Its are squares.

His findings? According to him, Cheez-Its are definitely rectangles.


testing an important design hypothesis

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In Hill’s video, he measures a Cheez-It cracker at approximately 23 x 24 mm. While that’s not the same size listed on Wikipedia or in Mashed’s reporting, it’s also not a square.

TikTok users had plenty to say about the clip. Many were stunned by the snack food “secret.”

“The truth we weren’t ready for,” one user wrote.

“I’ve always thought there was something off about them,” another user agreed.

“Why am I a bit upset by this information,” another wrote.

Other users, meanwhile, were more doubtful. Some theorized that Hill probably just had a batch of “defective” crackers.

Unfortunately, it seems like the only real way to find the answer is to measure a ton of Cheez-Its. That’s easier said than done — since it’s a lot more fun to just eat them instead.

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