TikToker reveals wild life hack for keeping cats off kitchen counters

Millions of TikTokers have found out why cats hate aluminum foil thanks to a viral hack for pet owners.

The trick, which claims to help keep cats off counters and other surfaces, is just the latest kitchen hack to spread widely on the app. In recent months, users also shared tips for making homemade spice racks, keeping veggies fresh in the fridge and cutting herbs with a cheese grater.

The cat hack, meanwhile, is an age-old trick for some pet owners — but it’s getting new life on TikTok. Countless users have shared their attempts to use the hack, but a particularly popular video came from a user named Georgie (@georgie_renee).

In her video, the 26-year-old showed how she coated her kitchen in aluminum foil to keep her cat from climbing on the counters.


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Georgie’s experience with the trick was especially dramatic, so it makes sense why nearly 70 million people have watched her clip.

But why do cats hate aluminum foil? The actual answer is a little unclear, although it’s obvious the experience of walking on the aluminum creates a sort of sensory overload for them. Pet owners suspect that cats dislike the texture, while others theorize that the shiny surface reminds them of water.

Either way, the trick has proven effective for countless pet owners. On TikTok, though, many users had just heard of the hack for the first time.

“Can someone explain the science behind this?” one user asked.

“Need to try this,” another added.

Others simply thought the results were hilarious.

“This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen,” one user commented.

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