Ritz Crackers leaves TikTok ‘speechless’ with bizarre snack food secret

Why do Ritz Crackers have ridges?

It’s a question you probably could’ve lived your entire life without asking — let alone knowing the answer to.

But now, thanks to a viral video, it’s become a pressing issue for millions of social media users. It all started when the snack food brand launched its own TikTok account, then posted a clip sharing the “real” reason that Ritz Crackers have ridges.

For months now, food companies have found ways to make waves on TikTok. Last year, Chipotle went viral after claiming that its tortillas could be used as a fork. A few months later, a TikTok user drew millions of views after sharing the “apology letter” they received from McDonald’s.

Meanwhile, the Ritz video has plenty of users scratching their heads.


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In the clip, Ritz claims that the ridges on its crackers are actually used for cutting cheese. As the video shows, you can apparently use the snacks like some sort of tiny, tasty pizza cutter.

Many TikTok users were blown away by the reveal, although some asked how true it was.

“I’m not feeling OK after this,” one user wrote.

“My whole life is a lie,” another added.

“I am speechless,” another wrote.

Ritz, by its own admission, might be playing fast and loose here. The company followed up in the video’s comments to explain that, of course, this wasn’t the original reason for the crackers’ shape. That said, the brand was also quick to add that even if its explanation is “made up,” it’s now the official truth.

“But we’re Ritz we’re allowed to [decide this],” the company wrote in one comment.

Still, what’s the actual reason why Ritz Crackers have ridges? That, we may never know.

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