Why do some McDonald’s only have a single golden arch?

Did you know that some McDonald’s restaurants only have one arch? The reason behind this fast food design choice might surprise you. 

Most people associate McDonald’s with its famous golden arches. So it’s no surprise that encountering a McDonald’s restaurant with a single arch has become an experience in its own right, prompting others to document the occurrence on sites such as Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and Reddit.  

These confirmed sightings of McDonald’s restaurants with one arch have sparked curiosity amongst McDonald’s stans and fast food connoisseurs wondering how these single arches came to be.

Looking back throughout McDonald’s history, the answer is relatively simple: the future fast food giant was finding its brand identity. 

According to an NBC News article, in 1953, McDonald’s co-founders Richard and Maurice McDonald hired the architect Stanley Clark Meston to help create a functional design that popped for the first restaurant.

As NBC reports, the website for McDonald’s USA  states that Richard McDonald felt the roof line of the building was too flat and wanted to offset this with gold arches. During this period, the arches were part of the building’s structural design, with a single arch curving over and around each side of the building. Additionally, a smaller matching arch held up the McDonald’s sign.

The McDonald’s arches we know today became ingrained into the brand in 1962 when a registered trademark featuring the double-arched McDonald’s logo was introduced. 

The number of McDonald’s restaurants with a single arch remains a mystery, making it all the more exciting when coming across one. 

According to McDonald’s USA, these older locations have become popular destinations for road-trippers with a taste for nostalgia. In a statement to TODAReaction posts about this baffling sight can be spotted on TikTokInstagram and more.Y Food, the fast food giant mentioned, “We love seeing our fans celebrate our history at these nostalgic spots while also creating their own memories at McDonald’s in their local communities.”

Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for a single golden arch on your next road trip!

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