What people Googled about Gen Z in 2022

Google released 2022’s top trending searches — and there were a lot of interesting questions about Gen Z. 

The search engine analyzed United States queries that saw a high spike in traffic over a specific period in 2022 compared to last year. 

One of the more interesting revelations from the data was people’s burning questions about Gen Z. It appears the group that’s finally old enough to enter the workforce is leaving an impression — a puzzling one even. 

Here are the top trending Google searches about Gen Z in 2022. 

“Why does Gen Z not want to work?” 

Can you blame them? They’re coming of age during the “Great Resignation,” the era of “quiet quitting” and a renewed labor movement

Why does Gen Z not want kids?

It’s not exactly a great time to be a kid, so we can’t be surprised if Gen Z is questioning bringing more into the world. 

Why does Gen Z have so much anxiety?

Well, there was this whole thing where the last seven years happened… so the anxiety probably has something to do with that. 

Why does Gen Z love the 80s?

There’s been a lot of cultural interest in the ’80s thanks to Stranger Things with an assist from Kate Bush and “Running Up That Hill,” of course. 

Why does Gen Z look old?

While it’s difficult to unpack what this may even mean, it might just be because fashion trends these days all harken back to previous decades. 

Why does Gen Z love the 90s?

Probably because there was a lot of cool stuff in the ’90s, right? 

Why does Gen Z act entitled?

Every younger generation is pretty much labeled “entitled” by the older generation. However, some theorize Gen Z does have toxic traits

Why does Gen Z complain so much?

Older generations may have left the world on the brink of extinction, so Gen Z has a lot of grievances. But at least they take action when they “complain.”

Why does Gen Z drink more caffeine?

This could have something to do with all those yummy coffee TikToks they watch. 

Why does Gen Z want to change their name?

Not everyone gets bestowed with the name that they want… or a name that won’t get them roasted on the internet. 

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