Why eating red meat (in moderation) is actually a good thing

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Burgers, roast beef, steak — there’s nothing more filling than a nice plate of meat and potatoes, right?

But lately, red meat has gotten a bad rap since studies linked it to high blood pressure, high cholesterol and certain types of cancer. In moderation, it can actually be good for you, thanks to its protein and high iron levels.

Be sure to make smart choices when it comes to your red meat consumption. For example, when you’re prepping for a summer barbecue, go for the “loins,” like sirloin and pork loin.

Also, grass-fed beef is better than grain-fed because it’s leaner and contains less saturated fats. Additionally, you can reduce the carcinogens in meat by changing your grilling methods.

Another tip? Don’t use sugar in your marinades and cook your meat over medium heat instead of high heat. Don’t overcook your meat, either — well-done meats have a higher concentration of carcinogens.

Finally, cut the fat off of your meat before you grill it, and trim the charred parts after it.

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