Psychic explains why 2/22/22 is such an important date and how you should celebrate

Valentine’s Day isn’t the only day in February with symbolic meaning for romance. In numerology, the date Feb. 22, 2022 (2/22/22) is believed to hold special significance in love and relationship matters. 

The number two in numerology represents intuition, cooperation and empathy. Number two is all about bringing people, concepts and ideas together. So relationships are very much front and center here. When so many twos appear on the same date the universe is sending us a message. 

What does 2/22/22 mean? 

TikToker and psychic @bellainter said the date is important and won’t appear for another 200 years. 

“It’s associated with cosmic events that will change your life radically,” she explained.  

In numerology, when the same number repeats it’s called an angel number or mirroring date, where how you behave will “be reflected back to you.”

The psychic advised people to get up early, dress in their favorite outfits, make sure their homes are tidy and that they spend the day in an “atmosphere of friendliness.” She also suggested writing down a wish because it may actually come true. 

What does 2/22/22 mean in numerology for people in relationships? 

On 2/22/22 you can expect your relationships to be at the forefront of your mind. The day could be the opportunity to find harmony or common ground in a relationship. It’s also a chance to double down on the positive connections in your life by showing your partner some extra love. 

“This day is a good one to perform actions that fortify the love you feel for your partner,” numerologist Jesse Kalsi told Well + Good. “If you can engage in activities that are productive to your relationship, the Venus energies that rule this year will become even more pronounced and deliver a renewed sense of hope and opportunity.”

You may also feel more sensitive and empathetic during this time, enabling you to assess your relationship’s needs so that you can act accordingly. 

What does 2/22/22 mean in numerology for single people? 

Numerologist Jasmine Wolfe told Well + Good that the number 22 is the number of a master builder. 

“This is the number associated with building something bigger than yourself. And it’s about what we can build when we work together,” Wolfe said

That means that those who aren’t romantically linked may see some positive outcomes in other partnerships like business or school. 

In numerology, it’s typical to add the numbers in a date up until you get a single number. (First, 2+2+2+2+0+2+2=12. Then, 1+2=3.) The final number is three which represents spirituality, altruism and higher education. 

This means that our sense of community and our compassion for others in the world may become fortified on this day. 

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