Why parents should buy sons kitchen sets, too

This TikTok parent shared their son’s reaction to receiving a toy kitchen set as a gift, and it’s so adorable!

Instagram meme account @jokezar recently shared a video of a young child’s joyful reaction to receiving a toy kitchen set, and it had the internet going wild!

The video, which was filmed by the boy’s parent and originally shared on TikTok (but has since been removed), shows what a big difference a gift can make in a child’s life and is the perfect example of how toys can unlock imagination!

The video begins with a caption that reads, “Get y’all sons a kitchen set. You won’t regret it.” The little boy stands in front of his brand new kitchen set, dancing excitedly as music plays. 

As he bobs his head up and down in time with the music, the boy pretends to prepare a meal for himself using the kitchen set. First, he decides to cook an egg. He puts a pan on the stove, and puts an egg in the pan. Then, he starts to season the egg, shaking a toy bottle of ketchup over it as he continues to dance. 

Next, he returns the ketchup to a green basket, where he is keeping the rest of his food supplies. He thinks for a moment, then grabs a few more pieces of toy food to add to the pan. 

The video ends as the boy continues to dance joyfully and work on crafting the perfect imaginary meal. Whether this simple egg breakfast will turn into something more elaborate remains, for the moment, unclear. 

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the adorable video. 

“Dude is winning at life,” wrote one viewer. 

“Love seeing kids happy like this, man,” wrote another Instagrammer. 

“Give this guy a real kitchen,” another Instagrammer pleaded. 

While the child’s meal might be make-believe, he’s setting the stage for a bright culinary future. After all, being a great chef takes plenty of imagination!

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