TikTok users are sharing their ‘wicked random celebrity beef’

These are tumultuous times we live in, and it can be difficult to find something to distract from what seems to be a constant influx of bad news. One thing that never fails to distract, in my opinion, is random celebrity beef.

TikTok user boatflygirl bravely sourced stories of drama between the rich and famous and us mere mortals.

“Does anybody have any like, wicked random celebrity beef?” she asked in a video, which has now been viewed nearly 1 million times — not counting the viral responses.

Thankfully, the internet delivered. Let’s unpack some of the best alleged celebrity encounters, starting with boatflygirl’s own.

Boatflygirl vs. Bob Saget


@bobsaget can we talk plz

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“Bob Saget and me have been fighting since I was in the seventh grade,” she explained. “We have never been on good terms with each other … always at each other’s throats.”

In a follow-up video, she admitted that she “harassed him” in middle school by leaving strange comments on his Instagram, so he blocked her. He unblocked her after she asked him nicely to do so.

A few years later, she said she met him in person and asked him to sign her phone. He said he had to “get to the car” and refused, though he continued interacting with other people. When she got home, he had blocked her again.

She claimed to have the whole thing on video, which she shared with her TikTok audience.

“I was just wondering if anyone else had a random celebrity enemy because for some reason mine’s f****** Danny Tanner, dude,” boatflygirl said, referencing Saget’s “Full House” character.

Her tale kicked off a chain of spicy comments.

“2-3 times a year, I change Tyler Oakley’s height on Wikipedia to 5’0″ and it makes him so mad. He had to them take the height off his page,” one user said.

“POV: Ur scrolling through the comments and literally everyone has been blocked by Drake Bell,” another wrote.

Things really heated up when users started sharing longer stories in their own TikTok videos.

Danblaxide vs. Sara Lee Bread


#stitch with @bloatflygirl #greenscreen (If you don’t wanna wait for a part two, all of the events are on my instagram highlights the one titled SARA)

♬ Elevator Music – Bohoman

Danblaxide recalled a “one-sided” beef he had with Sara Lee Bread.

In his video, during which he provides alleged screenshots of all the conversations he discussed, he claims he saw a hair in one of the brand’s Instagram posts.

He pointed it out in the comments, and the brand deflected it. He then took a screenshot calling attention to what appeared to be a hair, and Sara Lee’s account deleted the original photo.

It wasn’t long before they re-uploaded the same photo with the apparent hair blurred out. Of course, that wasn’t the end of things.

Danblaxide’s brother began commenting on the post inquiring about the hair. Sara Lee’s account deleted those comments too, and from there, it spiraled.

Danblaxide’s friends began commenting, saying things like, “So y’all just gonna blur out the hair like we didn’t notice?”

Sure enough, strangers began chiming in and asking about the hair. In a follow-up post Danblaxide claimed that people still ask about it to this day.

Stephen Glickman vs. Taylor Lautner

Stephen Kramer Glickman, who you may know as stephenkglickman on TikTok or as the actor who played the eccentric record producer Gustavo on the TV show “Big Time Rush,” recalled a hilarious tale from the 2011 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, complete with an impressive Miley Cyrus impression.

“This is a true story about Taylor Lautner, so suck on that,” he said.

He explained that while backstage, Cyrus asked him to get her and her mom a whole bunch of cupcakes. He happily obliged.

When his hands were full of cupcakes, he ran into Lautner.

“These are for Miley,” Glickman said.

“Sure they are,” Lautner replied sassily, according to Glickman.


Catalinaaacat’s brother vs. Leonardo DiCaprio

Catalinaacat shared an alleged encounter her brother had years ago.

“My brother pushed an A-list celebrity out of an elevator,” she said at the beginning of the story. Off to a strong start!

She said her brother was a part of Colin Powell’s security detail during the Bush Administration. While he was working an event, a man tried to get into an elevator he was guarding.

“I’m sorry, do you know who I am?” the man asked her brother, according to catalinaacat.

“Yes I do, Mr. Dicaprio,” her brother responded, before “yeeting” him out of the elevator.

So simple, but so powerful.

Picklestreet vs. LeVar Burton and Pixar

TikTok user Picklestreet made a bold claim about one of America’s most beloved TV hosts.

“So I’m still piecing together all the evidence, but I’m pretty sure in 1999 LeVar Burton stole my idea and sold it to Pixar,” he said.

Picklestreet explained in his video that at age 10, he wrote a book for the “Reading Rainbow” children’s book competition. It was called “Jumbo’s Adventure” and followed a clownfish who was lost in the ocean and got chased by sharks.

Sadly, his book did not win the competition, but he was reminded of its existence when he saw the trailer for “Finding Nemo” in a theater three years later. He found the similarities between his book and the film to be a little bit too uncanny.

“Well LeVar, in your haste to get this to the big wigs at Pixar, you missed some fine print — my copyright from the publishing company I owned as a 10-year-old,” picklestreet explained in the video as he showed a copyright disclaimer written in pencil on one of the early pages. “You’ll be hearing from my lawyers.”

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