TikToker records wild experience as the only passenger on her Norwegian flight

Aurora Torres got a major surprise after learning she was the only passenger aboard her Widerøe airlines flight.

Torres, who is a freelance photographer, was on her way to shoot a wedding in Røros, a small town in central Norway. However, when she reached her gate, she realized that the trip was going to be a bit more exciting than she expected.

“[They] told me that there was no one but me on this flight,” Torres, 21, told In The Know on email. “I couldn’t stop laughing as I walked toward the airplane.”

What happened next was a journey Torres has now chronicled in a series of megaviral TikToks. Halfway through her flight, an attendant asked if she wanted to change seats — to the plane’s cockpit.

“I could not believe what was happening,” she said of the experience. “Of course, without any hesitation, I had to say yes. I brought my camera and suddenly sat between the pilots, with a panoramic view and a headset on my head. 


10/10 experience, my new favorite airline #wideroe #fyp #travel #norway

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Torres’s video of that moment shows just how remarkable the journey was. In the clip, she pans her camera over an open view above the clouds, as the pilots navigate in front of her.

The TikToker said the view was the “craziest” part of her seating change, but she also loved hearing the pilots talk. They pointed out sights, described their jobs and walked her through some of their wildest moments in the air.

“Leaving them was really sad,” she added.

On her way to the wedding, Torres quickly edited her video and posted it on TikTok. The next morning, she checked her phone and realized that the clip had attracted over 1 million views.

She also had a message from Widerøe airlines, the Norway-based carrier that brought her to Røros. A representative from the company said the airline was overjoyed and offered to let her ride in the cockpit again.

That offer turned into yet another viral TikTok. Torres’s return trip featured more incredible views and a reunion with the same flight attendant who’d offered to move her up front in the first place.


Reply to @anikamanchanda_ Fly with me home! The airline saw my video and made this happen again! I even met the same attendant 🥺So thankful #fyp

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“I got a picture with the flight attendant — and her number,” Torres said. “We are still texting each other.”

Although Torres wasn’t alone on her return flight, she still managed to replicate her experience. Days later, she’s still trying to wrap her head around it all.

“Now it’s been a week,” she said. “The video has over 24 million views, I’ve gained 35,000 followers, and there are articles everywhere in the world [that come up] when you search up my name. It’s insane.”

More than anything, though, Torres is just glad she got to see something so few passengers ever do.

“I’ll never forget this experience,” she said.

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