Social media horrified by ‘nightmare’ $500,000 apartment listing

There are plenty of unusual living spaces out there, but Twitter may have just found the weirdest apartment ever.

At the very least, it’s a contender. The unit, which is located in London and listed at £350,000 (around $480,000 USD), was discovered and shared on Twitter by writer Felicity Cloake.

The “warehouse conversion-style” flat seems to be something very different than a one-bedroom apartment. In fact, it looks a lot like a gym.

“You say warehouse conversion-style flat, I say sleeping in the gym. Still, always useful to have ‘bags of character’ and several changing rooms,” Cloake tweeted.

The listing sent Twitter into a frenzy. For one, the apartment is in a basement and seemingly has zero windows — a fact that it somewhat (??) makes up for with its gigantic, wall-sized mirror.

Credit: ReliableHomes

The unit appears to take up one massive room, with a moveable wall or curtain to separate the kitchen. Meanwhile, the bathroom is, admittedly, very fancy.

Credit: ReliableHomes

However, the shower is somewhat outshined by the “storage units” nearby, which according to the listing, used to be changing rooms.

“The apartment has a unique storage area (formally changing rooms), brand new shower room and separate toilet,” the listing reads.

Credit: ReliableHomes

Overall, Cloake’s tweet earned mixed responses. Some seemed freaked out by the apartment, calling it a “nightmare.”

“Is it in an old bunker?” one user asked.

“Where are the windows???” another asked.

“Just grim,” another wrote.

Others were more positive, pointing out the apartment’s upsides.

“Surprised that there is actually a kitchen (of sorts) … to mix up your protein shake,” one user joked.

“Unique storage area!” another added.

The listing is just the latest in a string of odd units to go viral online. For the past few months, TikTok and Twitter users have shared some of the weirdest homes on the market — including a home in New Orleans with a toilet on its staircase, and a chaotic “fixer-upper” in Kentucky.

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