Wife demands husband ‘rehome’ his dog after it eats her food: ‘This is just mental’

A woman is fed up because her husband’s dog has left them hungry and broke. 

She told her story on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. Four months ago, her mother-in-law bought her husband a $1,200 dog the couple could not afford. He refused to rehome the dog, despite its behavioral and medical issues. 

Things escalated when he spent $650 and overdrew their account by $200 to take the dog to an emergency vet after she warned him not to. The dog was just “high” from the husband’s friend smoking cannabis nearby. 

He knew neither of them would be paid until the following week, leaving the wife extra frustrated. They had no money for food or gas to get to work. His boss understood they were financially struggling and brought food to the couple’s home. That’s when things got even worse…

“When I tell you I was drooling thinking about eating for the first time in two days, it would be an understatement. Just note that the dog has plenty of food,” she wrote

The boss put the food on the table, and then the dog did the unthinkable.

“I go to hug my husband and his boss saying thank you and that dog got up on my table, knocked the food down and wolfed it down in point two seconds flat. I immediately started crying and telling him to get the dog out of here and I was done,” she explained

“Oddly enough, his boss is on my side (not only because of the money but because he knows I’m spiraling from the stress of this). My husband on the other hand is telling me I’m being overdramatic and not thinking clearly because I’m hungry and says not only am I ‘incredibly selfish and inconsiderate’ but he won’t rehome her.” 

Redditors thought the dog — and the husband — needed to be rehomed. 

“My god, this is just mental. Why are you hesitating? You deserve someone who loves you and cares about you,” someone wrote

“Rehome the dog and the hubby. You haven’t eaten in two DAYS and he doesn’t care. That shows you how low you are on his priority list,” another commented

“Honey, you have a husband who does not care if you go hungry for two days or run up debt over the course of however many week,” a person replied

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