Wife in total disbelief over husband’s puppy surprise: ‘You’re lying’

A husband gave his wife the ultimate surprise — and her reaction said it all. 

Cody James already had everything planned when he wanted to do something special for his wife Britt this summer. He took Britt to a secret spot, and soon enough, all was revealed. Judging from her response — this husband definitely played his cards right. 

James blindfolded his wife and drove her to the secret location. But when he told her to take off the handkerchief, she immediately knew what was up. 

“Cody, are we really getting a puppy?!” she told him. 

Britt basically sprung into action, rushing out of the car and practically sobbing out of joy. James told her that he had already submitted the application (which can be a whole process in some states) and was already approved to adopt a dog

“You’re lying. You’re teasing me. This is so mean,” she said, wiping the tears away. 

He assured her they really were getting a dog. The precious pup was revealed in a follow-up video. 

The adorable surprise racked up 1.1 million views on TikTok

“I love that she instantly turned into a little girl excited like it’s Christmas morning good man she has!” she wrote

“I thought she was gonna jump out of the car and run inside. The excitement is awesome!!” another commented

“I would get her a puppy every day for that reaction!” a person said

“What a sweet soul. That puppy is going to have such a great home!” a user added

“That is the only correct response to getting a puppy,” a TikToker replied

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