Man shocked by wife’s ‘crazy’ baby name idea: ‘I really didn’t think she was being serious’

A man is at odds with his wife over the name of their unborn son

He went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to see if he was in the wrong. His wife wants to name their son “Frodo” after the Lord of the Rings character, but he is refusing to go along with it. Then his wife accused him of being a “dictator” after he took his stance. 

“My wife and I are expecting our firstborn together,” he wrote. “We received many many name suggestions and ideas from both families. When I asked my wife when we were going to discuss the name of our son and talked about the cool ideas our families sent. She told me not to bother because she already had a name in mind and felt strongly about it. I asked what the name was and she told me ‘Frodo’ the name immediately rang a bell. My wife is a huge fan of Lord Of the Rings and her favorite character is Frodo. She went on about how cool and unique the name is but I really didn’t think she was being serious.” 

The husband didn’t want his son to forever be associated with a fictional character. 

“It will always be attached to that character from Lord of the Rings,” he explained. “To me, that was an instant no. My wife said I was being narrow-minded and called me a dictator only because I told her this name is my hill to die on. Our son deserves a reasonable name and not be attached to a character from a movie. I snapped and told her she could love the character all she wants but choosing a name for our son is a serious matter and we both should get a say. She had a meltdown, gets mad and claims I’m treating her as an incubator.” 

Reddit users were not feeling the name either.

“Your wife is crazy,” one user wrote. 

“Your wife is delusional here,” another commented

“The baby name is not about the mother, but the child,” someone said

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