Husband squeals in horror when he reveals wife’s ’embarrassing’ pedicure: ‘I feel like I’m gonna throw up’

A wife pranked her husband with a very unique pedicure, and TikTok is losing it at his reaction.

Family TikTok account @TheTeetFamily gained a whopping 12.2 million views and 20,000 comments when they posted the hilarious foot-age online.

Much like the horrifying “baby manicures” that freaked out parents around the world, this mom’s new nail job is causing quite the stir — but it’s her husband’s terrified reaction that truly steals the show.

“When your husband asks why you’re wearing his socks,” the video begins.

The wife then presents her foot to her husband, telling him to “take it off.”

At first, the confused husband refuses — but eventually, he complies and pulls the sock from her pointed foot.

That’s when her prank is revealed: a full set of long, sharp acrylics on her toes.

Immediately, her husband screams and shouts in terror. “What is that?!”

A hilarious freak-out ensues — much to the delight of his wife. “The things I do to freak this man out,” her caption reads.

Omg I need to do this…’

TikTokers flocked to the comment section to share their reactions.

“The way he goes to his best friend for emotional support. I love his reaction,” one user wrote.

“When he plugged his nose it took me OUT,” another user laughed.

“The way he’s holding his feet away from you,” one user wrote, crying-laughing emojis in tow.

“I’ve never seen someone cower in fear like that,” laughed another user.

“Omg I need to do this, so good,” an inspired user wrote.

“Scratch him with them,” one user jokingly suggested.

“I’d be scared of them Mike Wazowski toes too,” one Pixar fan wrote.

Thankfully, everyone had a good laugh over the husband’s reaction, and the wife’s unique toenails! If laughter truly is the best medicine, this family is sure to stay in good health.

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