Mom’s magic ‘wiggle butt’ burping hack: ‘This is the best trick for getting a good burp out of your baby’

A TikTok mom’s “wiggle butt” burping hack is going viral — and given its apparent success rate, it’s no wonder why!

Mom and hair expert Tay Becker (@taybeckerbeauty) had a hard time burping her first baby, Knox. So she turned to a chiropractor’s video on YouTube — and now, she’s sharing what she learned with parents everywhere!


Coming at you today with a lifehack! Here’s my trick for burping your baby! #momlife #toddlermom #boymom #fostermom #newmom #hack #parenthack

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“I’m gonna show you a trick for getting a good burp out of your baby. It looks ridiculous, but it works awesome. Watch this,” Tay says at the top of her video, holding her little newborn.

“Support their head and upper back really well. Put them right on top of your shoulder,” she goes on to explain, demonstrating as she talks her viewers through it.

“With this hand, you’re gonna make a Barbie hand. Right underneath their booty, just like that… Holding their head nice, take their legs, shift back and forth,” she continues.

As Tay begins to wiggle her baby’s bottom, she notes in on-screen text, “This is a GENTLE motion. Do not force their legs to shift or move!”

A moment later, we hear her baby gently burp, and Tay beams into the camera. “There it is!”

“I didn’t come up with this. I found it on YouTube from a chiropractor when Knox was a newborn and we had a hard time getting him to burp,” Tay explains.

“And in our family, we call it ‘the wiggle butt,’ and it works like 99% of the time,” Tay says with a smile.

‘Where was this 4 years ago?!’

Parents everywhere were shocked by Tay’s super-effective “wiggle butt” burping hack, as made evident by the thousands of comments that came pouring in.

“I just tried this ’cause I was already holding my son, and he burped super loud!” one parent commented.

“I’m so shocked. My daughter is SO HARD to burp, just like her brother used to be! But I tried this and it actually worked so well!” wrote another parent.

“Was feeding my daughter while watching this and it works SO well!” another commenter chimed in.

“My 4.5-month-old twins have always been hard to burp. I tried this and OHHH MYYY GOOOOSSHH! Worked like a charm!” cried another parent’s comment.

Some parents expressed having some difficulty with the wiggle butt burping hack — mostly due to their baby’s size. “With my 3-month, 17lb baby, my wrist said NO!” one comment read.

But Tay had a solution: “Sit and rest your elbow on your knee while you twist! That’s what I’ll have to do when he gets bigger!”

Other parents had alternate name ideas for the clever maneuver. “One of my nurses taught me this after having my daughter, but she called it the hula!” said one parent.

Another cried excitedly, “MILK SHAKE!!” to which Tay replied with a laugh, “Hahaha you win!”

No matter what parents decide to call this burping hack, it’s clear this trick might just be a game-changer — and it might be one baby hack that’s here to stay!

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