Eerie TikTok user with piercing eyes goes viral after interaction with screaming woman

A TikTok user with a serious countenance, piercing eyes and a wealth of seemingly wise catchphrases is going viral.

The creator, whose name is William Knight, stares intensely at the camera as he addresses his audience.

“There is no such thing as a coincidence. The fact you are watching this video means you are energetically aligned with me and this message,” he said in a post that later went viral on Twitter.


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It didn’t go viral for the message, though he repeats a similar sentiment in other videos, and he’s known to some as the “There’s no such thing as a coincidence” guy.

Instead, social media users focused on the fact a woman could be seen jogging by as he was filming in the woods, and as she passed him out of the frame and he looked in her direction, she screamed.

He did not address the scream until a later video.

“With all this talk about the screaming woman and my lack of a reaction, you’re probably wondering what happened to the woman and why I chose to upload it,” he said. “A wise man once said, ‘The major problem of life is learning how to deal with costly interruptions.’ Today’s message: Next time you get a negative thought, interrupt it with gratitude.”


There’s no such thing as a coincidence | instagram: WilliamKnightt

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In many of his videos, he approached the camera with a swift, smooth movement that viewers said reminded them of the vampires from Twilight. He has also drawn comparisons to an NPC (or non-player character) from the 2006 video game The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.

Knight first went viral back in December 2020 with a video about manifestation. Speaking directly into the camera, locking his brightly colored eyes on the camera, he shared his soon-to-be catchphrase — “there’s no such thing as a coincidence.”

“I felt like I was hypnotized,” one user commented.

“His eyes went, ‘I ain’t ever seen two pretty best friends,'” another said, comparing him to fellow viral TikToker Jordan Scott.


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Knight’s TikTok username, @grandrisingapp, is a tribute to the Grand Rising App, which he appears to be affiliated with.


According to the Grand Rising website, it’s an app that guides the user through affirmations to help them “manifest [their] dream life.” Knight has made many videos about manifestation and reality shifting.

His videos may seem bizarre, but they did find you, didn’t they?

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