Windsurfer develops new ‘land board’ for street sailing

Land windsurfing is nothing new. Instead of a surfboard, riders use a four-wheeled deck, like a skateboard, with a mast and sail. But Matjaz Hrovat, a windsurfer hailing from Slovenia, wasn’t happy with traditional “street sailing” designs. Wanting a way to feel like he’s out on the water while cruising through cityscapes, he created the Urban Breez to take the sport up a notch. 

“I just wasn’t happy with the design of the board,” Hrovat wrote on Kickstarter. “It was just a skateboard. I wanted to design it specifically for street windsurfing. No shortcuts. You can’t just take a skateboard, a longboard, or a mountain board and say it’s good enough. Surely windsurfers deserve a proper ‘land board.'”

The Urban Breez has a wider axis which means it has more stability compared to narrow skateboards. Its big, inflatable wheels make the ride smooth no matter the terrain, whether it’s concrete, grass or dirt. They enhance maneuverability by making gripping during fast and tight turns easier. The Urban Breez also has an adjustable sail position for windsurfers to tweak to their preference. 

Hrovat also hopes the street sailing board will be used as an educational tool. Learning to windsurf on the water can be difficultThe Urban Breez makes it easy for adults and children to learn the basics before they hit the ocean. 

Additionally, depending on the terrain, the device can be used as a workout tool.

“I also tested the Urban Breez on a grass field,” Hrovat said on Kickstarter. “It has much more friction than asphalt or cement, so you slow down as soon as you stop pulling the sail. It’s a lot of fun but also quite a workout!”

The Urban Breez is fully funded but there’s still time to support its campaign on Kickstarter.

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